Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

Hello! Let me introduce you to my latest read, Stephanie Garber’s Once Upon A Broken Heart

If you’ve read her other books you might recognize one of the main characters, the Prince of Hearts, or the Meridian Empire, where the story starts; but in this book you get to meet Evangeline Fox and explore the Magnificent North.  

Evangeline Fox makes a deal with the Prince of Hearts when the love of her life is about to marry her stepsister. The Prince of Hearts, in exchange for stopping the wedding, asks for three kisses and Evangeline agrees. After her first kiss for the Prince, she finds that he has much more planned for her; plans that may lead to the happily ever after she desires or tragedy.

Just like all of Garber’s books, this book swept me off my feet. The prose is gorgeous and I can’t get over how beautiful and whimsical the Magnificent North is. It was nearly impossible to put down and has left me desperate for the next book. 

My favorite character is none other than the Prince of Hearts. As much as I love Evangeline, I fell in love with the Jacks first in Finale, so it’s hard to not pick him. Jacks had me laughing and I love how you can see how his role in Finale came into play. What I love most is when you get to see the human part of him. 

Evangeline made me love to dislike Jacks (I don’t think I could ever hate the Prince of Hearts). She is bold and knows what she wants, even when everything around her isn’t making a lot of sense. I love her bravery and strength as she manages to stand up to Jacks on multiple occasions.

I loved the Magnificent North. Where Caraval’s whimsy was limited by time, the magic of the North ended with curses. I love how the stories/history of the North was cursed. It added to all the questions that Evangeline had by creating a lot more mystery.

My favorite scene from the book is when Jacks has to take care of Evangeline. It was quite funny to read as you got to see a lot more of Jacks’ reactions to questions. I also loved that you saw a softer side of Jacks.

I especially loved all the tales that Evangeline had been told by her mother. The stories from the North were really exciting. My favorite story was the one that Evangeline loved most, the story about the fox and the archer. I love the idea that nobody actually knows the ending to the story.

I would give this book a 5/5. I can’t find a single thing that I didn’t like about this book. I know there were a few in the moment things that I didn’t like, but I can’t remember them because the rest of the book made up for those tiny details. I’m now impatiently waiting for the next book to release as that cliffhanger has left me desperate for more.

Happy Reading!


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