Samantha Hopper

Sam loves reading, writing, and horseback riding. She lives near Waco, TX, and typically writes fantasy. Her love for writing sparked from her love for reading, and that spark has been, and still is, turning into a blazing fire.

Starting with her first book, Links of the Two Worlds, Sam is off with a running start. The second book in the Rise of the Royals series will soon be released also, followed by the third, fourth, and fifth. 

She has a growing Instagram account, a Goodreads page, and a newsletter. These are the main places that she keeps in contact with her wonderful readers, giving them behind-the-scenes information about her author-life. 

She’s also one of the five “Stuck in a Story” book bloggers. She reviews books she’s read for one purpose: Making sure readers know what to read. People hate diving into a book only to find it’s not a story suiting to their taste… or worse, it’s not a good story at all. So Sam works with the rest of the Stuck in a Story bloggers to make sure nobody has to experience that again.

Besides book blogging, Sam strives to write quality fantasy novels and update her horsemanship blog regularly. Find out more at www.authorsamhopper.com!

Hannah M. 

Hannah is a crazy, pen-wielding, jack-of-all trades teenage writer. She enjoys doing many things, from sewing to skiing, from playing piano to doing puzzles, but most of all, she aspires to be a writer. 

She writes and reads in a multitude of genres, her favorites being fantasy, dystopian, and historical fiction, along with a little bit of nonfiction for her blog. Her top three favorite books are The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, although this list is constantly changing. 

When she finishes a book, she loves giving “mini reviews” to her friends, family, and anyone else who will listen. She believes that books should make readers think. She loves rereading stories to get even more depth and understanding about them. Stories can change us, make us think, teach us lessons, and entertain us all at the same time, so she strives to write good quality stories and articles. 

To find out more about Hannah, be sure to check out her blog and Instagram account

Rebecca Washburn

Rebecca likes to read, write, and work on computer programming. She has a Christian Living blog and loves to write dystopian. She also loves to get out in nature and see more of the world God has blessed her with, no matter how badly she wants to slip into a book.

She reviews books to help others to understand what they are diving into, as she finds it important to know about a book before you dive in. She wants to make sure that others don’t have to stop in the middle of a book by letting them take a peek into what the book is about before starting into the story.

Rebecca has a blog and an Instagram account where you can find out more about her and interact with her more.

Ava Rose

Ava loves reading and writing stories that shine light through the darkness. Her favorite genre to read and write in is Historical Fiction, and she loves spunky characters with diverse personalities. She is a country girl living in the southern part of the United States, who loves horses, Pinterest aesthetic boards, chocolate, and sweet tea. (Coffee stinks, and she can’t see how anyone likes it!)

Her current work-in-progress is The Time We All Lied, which is also her NaNoWriMo novel. It’s a story about a boy and a girl, the Nazis, and an effort to get Jews out of Germany… but then there’s a traitor, and everything goes wrong.

Her blog, Ava Rose Writes, is where she posts faith-related writings, book reviews, and writing tips. She also has an Instagram page, which is growing in numbers of followers by the day.