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Latest Posts From Our Team:

Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

Hello! Let me introduce you to my latest read, Stephanie Garber’s Once Upon A Broken Heart.  If you’ve read her other books you might recognize one of the main characters, the Prince of Hearts, or the Meridian Empire, where the story starts; but in this book you get to meet Evangeline Fox and explore the…

Shadow by Kara Swanson (book review)

💔/5 Hey, y’all! Sam here with a review of Shadow by Kara Swanson. I got Dust, the first book in the duology, as an early reader copy a year ago with very high expectations. If you’ve read my previous review of that book, you know those expectations were not met. However, the book wasn’t completely…

A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes

Hello, folks! I hope you’re enjoying warm spring weather! Today, I am reviewing A Time To Die by Nadine Brandes.  Three hundred sixty-four days, seven hours, and sixteen—no, fifteen—seconds left to live. Like everyone else on the east side of the Wall, Parvin Blackwater has a clock counting down the days until her death. At…