Review Policy

We are currently accepting review requests

We accept all genres except erotica, horror, and any romance that isn’t clean. We won’t accept anything with rough language or a target audience older than YA.

Each reviewer has their own genre preferences, so you might want to read through those and pick the reviewer you’d like to read your book.

Preferred genres:


1. Fantasy/sci-fi (High, urban, low, etc)

2. Christian fiction

3. Realistic fiction

4. Middle-grade mysteries

5. Dystopian


1. Slice-of-life

2. Historical fiction

3. Contemporary

4. Dystopian

5. Mysteries


1. Dystopian

2. Contemporary

3. Sci-fi

4. Mysteries

5. Fantasy


Contact the team leader through her email address, samhopper47 (at) gmail (dot) com. When submitting a review request, be sure to title it as “Review Request.” Otherwise, the email won’t be read.

When submitting, be sure to include these details:

1. Title and genre of the book

2. Name of author and author website (if applicable)

3. Date the book was (or will be) released

4. Any content warnings (plus the target audience of your book)

5. Preferred reviewer

6. Any extra information

7. A PDF, Mobi, or Epub version of the book